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Management Policy of Vicenza Europe Srl

In this document, Vicenza Europe Srl defines the rules for its fanpage by the company and those who interact with it.

We have created the Facebook page and the Instagram account to communicate with people interested in Vicenza Europe activities, and we are open to fans’ ideas, comments and suggestions. The pages are managed Monday to Friday during office hours from 8.30am to 5.30pm.
Staff that manage the pages will take care of the users’ requests and answer questions in the shortest time, ensuring that requests are taken care of (first feedback) within 24 working hours.
If the answers require a longer waiting time, it means that the topic need more in-depth analysis to provide users with all the information they need.

Vicenza Europe Srl informs all users that the use of the page and its contents is strictly dependent on legal compliance and good conduct towards the page administrators and other users.

Vicenza Europe Srl defines the following rules of conduct, the cases of violation and the consequent actions envisaged by the page administrators.

Rules of conduct

We ask users to comply with the following rules of conduct on the pages:

> Respect other’s ideas and actions as everyone has the right to express their opinions in compliance with the rules defined in this document;
> to be polite and respectful to the page administrators and other users;
> comply with all applicable legal provisions.

Cancellation of messages and possible blocking/reporting to Facebook and Instagram of the fans

The following violates the terms and conditions of the Vicenza Europe Srl page and will be managed by deleting messages and/or blocking users’ activity on the page:

> Inappropriate comments about Vicenza Europe Srl;
> Personal insults, offensive, denigrating, defamatory, polemic, vulgar comments or those inciting any violence;
> racist, political or religious activism comments;
> SPAM or automatically generated comments which are repeated in the same thread or different threads;
> advertising messages or those that offer services or goods for commercial purposes;
> messages that violate third party rights (copyrights).

Vicenza Europe Srl reserves the right to report any abuse or legal violation to the relevant Authority, providing information (messages, comments etc.) and data useful and/or expressly requested by the Authority to prevent and suppress alleged offences.

Users who publish and/or share their content on the official page authorise Vicenza Europe Srl to use, publish, distribute that content and grant the right to exclusively use it in the Facebook page management to develop and improve its business and respond to the user needs.

Finally, users waive the right to request any financial compensation from Vicenza Europe Srl for the rights to use photographs, images, names, videos and any other content published and/or shared by users on the Vicenza Europe Srl official Facebook page and Instagram account.

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